Hi there! I am a game designer in Québec City and I have been working in the video game industry since 2009.

I love movies and I’m a sucker for 80’s horror flicks. I enjoy listening and playing all kinds of music but punk still holds that special place in my heart. I like pretty much any water-oriented activities and video games obviously.

Here you can download a PDF version of my résumé.
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As a part of Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion’s crowd funding campain for Con Man the series, Con Man: the Game is a Comic Book Convention management game which ties in very nicely with fans’ favorite elements from the show.

An easy to learn/hard to master action game with all the grease and meat you would expect from EMT.


An endless runner about a bird that is not afraid to take a couple of hits to save his progeny.


Monsieur Monsieur is a physics based platformer where you fling the hero around by pulling his exquisite mustache.


Monstruction is a 2 parts puzzle game where you must first build a structure with the given materials and then hold balance against the relentless attacks of monsters.


An arcade puzzle game featuring  a trash loathing ninja. The game has 2 modes : Mayhem and Lotus to fit your different moods.

Also, this is my first game ever. ♥



For all your game design needs, you can contact me by either mail or on LinkedIn.